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many as 29 of European children boast of having between 100 and 300-plus friends at social websites. They meet on-line and communicate with Internet friends as often as with real-life ones. EU Kids Online II already involves 25 countries including Eastern European ones. It was stressed that consequences of childrens online experiences might be positive and negative and that young users needed to be looked- after and their life online should be taken care of as much as their contacts and relations in real life are.

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Overall, as many as 1,025 pairs parent-child were interviewed. At the same time, each fifth child stays online over 21 hours per week, which practically equals babuska day and night. Technical Center of Internet. The study has an important practical dimension: it forms the basis for isot conduct of trainings on safety online rules for children, which has already bore fruit. The research provided parents, teachers and public at-large with a huge mass of relevant information on how children aged 9-16 years behaved online, what risks they faced and what should be done in order to have young users feel protected in the Internet. However, Russian schoolchildren are more active Internet users and, unfortunately, are riskier ones. Over one-fourth of kids stay online between 7 and 14 hours per week, ie between 1 and 2 hours per day, each sixth child between 14 and 21 hours per week. The study is jointly conducted by the Department of psychology of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Federal Institute of Education Development under the RF Ministry of Education and Science, and the Foundation for Internet Development on the basis of the EU Kids Online research.

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About the EU Kids Online project: The EU Kids Online research project is conducted in European countries for the second time.

The survey covered 7 Federal okrugs of Russia. Research findings showed that the level of online risks in the Slavic countries is higher than on the average one in Europe. Initial findings of the EU Kids Online project II conducted between 20emonstrated that, for example, the number of children who meet in person with their online friends was down. Galina Soldatova, director of the Foundation for Internet Development, corresponding member of RAO and Professor of psychology department of MSU  and the project coordinator, reported interim findings of the Russian research project at the workshop Kids in the Internet: Russia, Europe and the World which. The inception research project was conducted in and covered 21 European countries. A average of 80 of kids across Russia have access to the Internet in their bedrooms by using separate computers and via mobile phones, ie in situations where parents fail to control them. Meanwhile, European children more often have access to the Internet from computers they share with other family members or at schools. Over 80 of Russian teenagers run a special network account and nearly each sixth one boasts of having over 100 friends, while 4 of children boast of having over 300 friends at social websites. Another uneasy factor is the time spent online. Preliminary research findings indicate that Russian children go on-line at an age older than their European peers, with the nationwide average age being 10 years, vis-à-vis 9 years in Europe. Miss YO-YO (Megapolis 89,5 FM / russia michael demos (Megapolis 89,5 FM / russia sulima (Geomagnetic rec., Blitz Studio, Cyberdelica rec., PRR Company / russia).

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